We Love Merthyr

Merthyr is our home and we love it. We love the people. We love the mountains. We love the history of the town. We are convinced that God loves Merthyr too. We know he has plans to heal Merthyr and make it a place where life flourishes. We are a community committed to joining him in this mission.

We Love Jesus

We love Jesus. We love everything he does. We love the way he heals bodies and hearts. We love the way he makes a family out of all kinds of different people. We love the way he cares for the poor. We love the way he shows mercy to us when we are failures. We love the way he overcomes evil and injustice. We love the way he makes everything broken in our world new again.

Who are / What is Hope Church Merthyr?

For us church is not an organisation or primarily a meeting we go to. It is our community, our family. A group of people from all kinds of different backgrounds who together are being made whole by Jesus. Together we learn more about who Jesus is and what it means to follow him. Together we try to love Merthyr and be a part of it becoming a place where every life and family flourishes. We don’t do anything out of fear of God or duty to him. And we don’t do anything because of religious tradition. We do everything because God first loved, forgave and healed us.

The core of our family is people who follow Jesus and his lifestyle of love because we have experienced his love, healing and forgiveness. But lots of people who are part of our community are exploring what they think about Jesus or just wanting the support of a group of loving people around them. Anyone is welcome to come and be a part of our community. But we are not a mesh of different ideas, we are dedicated to Jesus and his way as we believe this will lead to a complete, restored community.

We are convinced that God loves Merthyr and wants to fill its people with hope, love, healing and freedom. Our community is dedicated to seeing this happen. If you want to explore what this would mean for your life and our community then please get in touch or just show up to one of our meetings or activities. We meet regularly at 10:30am at Hope Church, High Street, Merthyr, CF478UG. If you want to know more about who Jesus is then click on the “Jesus?” link at the top of the page and watch some of the videos. If you get in touch with us we’d love to get the chance to explain to you why we think Jesus is good news for our lives, families, communities and world as well as tell some stories of how he has proved himself strong and good in our lives. If you are ill, depressed, struggling to cope with life or carrying the heavy weight of poverty then we would love to meet you, pray for you and be a part of sharing your burden any way we can.

Sunday Mornings

We meet every Sunday morning at 10am for coffee and 10:30am to sing and listen to someone talk about the good news Jesus is for our lives and community. If you come you can wear anything you want, you can join in the singing or just enjoy the music, and no one will point you out or ask you to do anything.


The heart of the church are the community groups that meet during the week to learn more about Jesus, share meals, support one another and bless the community around them.


The Pursuit is a youth community that meet every Friday night in different locations around the town.

Hope 4 Kids

H4K is a kids group for infant and primary aged children. They meet in Hope Chapel every Sunday morning at 11am.

Parent and Toddlers

We run 2 parent and toddler groups that meet during term time: Thursday 9:45am @ Dowlais Community Centre & Friday 9:30am @ Hope Chapel. Anyone is welcome.

Mercy Well

The Mercy Well is a community for people struggling to manage life that meets in Hope Chapel during the week.

CAP Debt

Christians Against Poverty is a free debt counselling charity. Freephone 0800 328 0006 to start the journey of getting debt free.

Night Shelter

Each winter we partner with other churches to run a night shelter for the homeless in our community.

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