Hope Teens exists to see that teenagers know who Jesus is, what his kingdom is like and to give them practical tools for living as disciples of Jesus in the real world.

At a normal week in Teens you will find fun, high energy games, an enticing tuck shop, a 10 minute talk and discussion groups where we get to grips with what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

Talks cover a range of topics, from ‘What is the Gospel?’ to ‘5 Questions to Ask Before You Date’ and ‘Following Jesus on Social Media’.

On top of all of that, there are social weeks where we tackle our own adaptation of ‘The Cube’, Merthyr Monopoly, Murder Mystery, Boys/Girls split nights and One Night where we join with other youth groups. We also have Teens Weekends Away and Sunday Equipping Lunches where we get even more intentional about loving Jesus and making disciples.

Running from 7:00-9:30 at Hope Chapel every Friday for Years 7-13, Hope Teens is too good to miss!

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