Equip One Another


The vision of Hope Church, Merthyr, is that as a church we want to ENCOUNTER God, EQUIP one another and ENGAGE in his mission, and each of these things needs to happen through the WORD of God, the WORKS of God and the WAYS of God. Encounter, equipping and engaging must happen in every aspect of the life of the church, but we recognise areas in our church life where the primary focus is Equipping.

Everything we see in the life of the early church is a replication and multiplication of the life of Jesus into countless others. The mission was to make disciples of all nations, disciples who would display the life of Jesus, and demonstrate and cultivate the culture of his kingdom.
Within the church, God does use people who have a specific role of equipping the church, so that the church is better equipped for the mission of making disciples (Ephesians 4:11-16). These individuals are not given to do all the work of the mission, but rather to speed up the process of getting people to a point of productivity in the mission.

For the last three years, we’ve emphasised and built into our community groups the importance of being family. This family environment will be no more important than right now, as it’s our conviction that equipping for the mission takes place best in the family environment. Sunday morning teaching can be a useful vehicle for equipping but the opportunities for interaction, discussion, modelling and the widespread practice of spiritual gifts is quite limited.

Alongside equipping in communities, there is also a regular pattern of additional resourcing for the mission through breakfasts and “Equip Evenings”. Obviously it’s important that the calendar isn’t so full that it prevents us from engaging in the mission that we’re being equipped for, so there’s a carefully considered frequency to all these things!

Men's Breakfasts

There will be a number of men’s breakfasts over the year which will be opportunities both to hang out together and to be equipped – not just in the in the word, but also in the works and ways of Jesus.

Please check the What’s on page for details on the next scheduled Men’s Breakfast

Women's Breakfasts

There will be a number of women’s breakfasts over the year which will be opportunities both to hang out together and to be equipped – not just in the in the word, but also in the works and ways of Jesus.

Please check the What’s on page for details on the next scheduled Women’s Breakfast.

Equip Evenings

As a church we want to be thoroughly equipped for the mission of God in this town and these valleys. We’ve begun with the “Small Talks” Equip Evenings, and there are more of those coming up – more details will follow soon.

We recognise that God has given many gifts to Hope church, and so we’ll be making chances for those gifts to be exercised, developed and used for the good of the body! That may mean steps outside the comfort zone for some, but it’s exciting, and is all a part of equipping the church for engaging in the mission of Jesus!

Recent Messages

Sometimes we need to hear something a couple times before it sinks in.  Follow the link to Recent Messages to catch up or re-listen to a message from a Sunday morning.

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