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Encountering God - Hope Worship

Worshipping together is an integral part of our life at Hope. We believe that worship is what we were created for as God’s people (Exodus 20:3), and as such is at the heart of everything we do.

Worship that God loves and created us for isn’t a cold-hearted act of dutiful reverence (Isaiah 29:13). It is a whole-person, compelled response to God’s revelation of Himself to us through the Holy Spirit (you can’t be awestruck by something you haven’t seen!)(Revelation 7:11). We worship out of an encounter with God.

We love to worship because we love God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that our whole lives are an opportunity to worship God, but the most common form of worship in the Bible is through song and music. Therefore we love to sing and play as many instruments as we can, to offer everything we have to God in praise. We love to make it loud, as heaven isn’t a quiet place (Revelation 19:1).

We don’t worship at a distance from God, because nothing can separate us from His love (Romans 8:39). Instead, we worship out of intimate relationship and connection with Him, for He is a good Father. He loves to make Himself known to us as we worship, revealing more to us about Himself as He inhabits our praise (Psalm 22:3). We love God’s Presence with us.

We believe that worship creates an environment where the heavenly realm invades the natural. We love to declare the truth of God’s character and nature over every circumstance and situation, and have faith that our praise affects God’s heart, our own hearts and the situations/environments around us (2 Chronicles 20:22).

We have a team of worshippers who lead our singing on a regular basis. They are individuals who love Jesus and love to use and improve their musical gifts to praise Him and lead others in praising Him too.

As a team we hang out regularly to worship, learn and grow together in our love for God, for each other, for our church and for excellent music that will aid people in their encounters with God during our times of corporate worship. We have no age limit, as we are big fans of “one generation declaring [His] works to the next…” and love to train the next generation of worshippers to invest their musical talents in God’s Kingdom.

Outside our Sunday gathering, we gather once a month as a whole church to devote an evening to worshipping and seeking God. Look out for the next Worship Night date in the calendar.

Come worship with us!

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