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Having scanned through the big story of the Bible, we look at our place in God's story, and how we join in with his mission.
Pentecost: the Holy Spirit fills the disciples and gives birth to the Church. What are the immediate results? Community, power, justice.
How does the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus cover, cleanse and remove sin from the world? A teaching on atonement.
The climax of A Short History of Everything. Jesus comes as the fulfilment of all we've looked at so far, to succeed where Israel, and all of humanity, failed.
The Kingdom of Israel is caught in a repeating cycle of faithlessness to God. But good news: God's faithfulness does not depend on our faithfulness!
How would you summarise the Bible in one word? In this message, Paul unpacks temple imagery throughout the Bible: the God who is 'With' his people.
Israel ask for a king like the nations, and that's exactly what they get. How do we sometimes make the same mistake in the church?
Having arrived in the Promised Land, the Israelites make two mistakes that hinder the fulness of the blessing God promised.
Paul Gaskin walks through the story of the Exodus, from Egypt highlighting the symbols that hint at what's to come in Jesus.
In this message, Paul traces the promise of God's blessing to the nations through Abraham. Despite the sketchy family history of Abraham and his descendants, God is faithful to his…
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